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March 31, 2010


how cool!!!!!! That's awesome! Great pics!

That is AMAZING!!

I have an opportunity to work in shaybah as an american construction mgr for Al-Hoty. I will live in the Construction Camp and NOT the ARAMCO city.

What will life be like for a single guy?
What recreation facilities, housing, food etc are available ?


Rick, I apologize I just now saw your comment. I am not familiar with the construction camp near the Aramco city in Shaybah. I know the Aramco city has tons of recreation facilities (pools, gyms, bowling, basketball courts) and I would assume that your facility might too. I've heard that Shaybah is a tough posting for anyone because it is so isolated. Do you know how often you will be allowed to leave? Will you have weekend off? At the ARamco facility, they ship in food daily so you will definitely have what you need, but most likely not exactly what you want. Before accepting the post, I would definitely ask all of these questions of the construction company and possibly of any current employees of the company. GOod luck with everything! Saudi can be an exciting and exotic post. :-)

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